The horror pig farm - The court case

In 2016 i filmed the most extrem conditions possible in a pig farm in southern germany. Rotten corpes,  countless horribly wounded animals and a farmer using a sledge hammer to smash the wounded pigs piled ion front of the farm. We demand a prison term for this animal abuser and will do a protest in front of the court house in Ulm.

15.03.2019 Ulm

Discussion panel on cruel slaughter

On the 12.02.19  the newspaper taz is organizing a discussion panel covering the topic " is there a good killing?". After 9 exposes of horrific conditions of in german slaughterhoueses, there is only one answer. No.!167920/

The butcher next door -

closed down!

At the so called "butcher of trust" i exposed illegal and cruel treatment of animals. especially sick, severly wounded cows were the victims of this company. Its out of business right now, but only if people stop to believe that there is " a good butcher next door of of trust" the suffering will end forever.Zum ARD Bericht

Taz Panter Prize

Together with my fellow activist i received the taz Panter Prize for our aniaml rights work.


Great protest against animal testing

Despite of snow, cold and the fact, that the media interest is limited after five years of campaigning the cruel research on primates in Tübingen, 300 people joint the protest. Peacefully but impossible to overhear and ignore we showed that there is no future for cruel and useless science

The slaughterhouse of the living corpses

This slaughterhouse in northern germany was shut down at once after the shocking proof of the mass killing of wounded and severly sick downer cows from all over germany.

Hier sehen sie das Video.

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